Bloomies For My Valentine

How about a Bloomie for your Valentine that will last forever? These Bloomies are perfect for your office, dresser or anywhere you want to brighten your Valentine!  Available in the SHOP. Please visit or contact me for a particular Bloomie for your Valentine.

Mini Bloomie
White Rose 5×5
Mini Bloomie
Red Roses
5X5 oil
Mini Bloomie Bouquet
5×5 Oil $65.00
Mini Bloomie 5×5 Oil
Pink Tulips
Mini Bloomie 6×6 oil
on wood

Blooming Floral Workshop

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Blooming Florals Workshop

Julie Shealy Art

Sunday, November 13, 2016
Marion Literacy Center Board Room

Cost – $75.00 –supplies are not included

Do you love flowers and would like to learn to paint Bloomies? Working with beautiful fresh bouquets learn how to capture the nuances of each bloom with a limited color palette. No experience necessary.

Join me for a fun introductory workshop that will help you create fresh intuitive acrylic floral paintings. In the class you will paint two small floral paintings with me providing individual instruction. You’ll learn about acrylic paints, mediums and textures to make your florals come alive. There will be demos and lots of fun. This class is appropriate for all beginner to advanced.

Contact Julie Shealy at 352-875-2419 or to register or if you have any questions. Space is limited so sign up soon!

Supply list is small but will be sent to you when you register!

Endings and Beginnings

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Endings and Beginnings

We all get the queasies when we end something we love and when we start something new. I recently ended an almost 40 year career in education. It was difficult to say goodbye to a life I enjoyed and people I loved.
I cannot remember the words I spoke or the lesson I taught to my 10th grade Biology class that first day. However, I can remember my tummy was queasy, my palms were sweaty and my hands were shaking. It was Pure Joy! I was excited to jump into a life of academia that included anxious and anticipatory students, new found friendships with colleagues and mentors and eventually walking up a ladder leading into curriculum and administration. I had dreamed of being a teacher, studied to be a teacher and most importantly I practiced the art of teaching. My success became reality because of the support of my family and the inspiration of mentors along the way.
On my last day as an educator, again my palms were sweaty and my tummy was queasy and my hands were shaking. There were tears, hugs, goodbyes and memories that will last my lifetime. But I was also excited to jump into the next adventure of my life. You see, I was a science teacher and school administrator who also was a closet artist! I found Pure Joy in the creation of art. You would often find me in the art classrooms soaking in all the mounds of creativity generated by the art instructors and their gifted students. My Ocala community was generous in providing artistic opportunities for “wanna be” artists and provided stellar mentors through Marion Cultural Alliance with artists like Maggie Weakley, (, Carlynne Hershberger, (, and Margaret Watts. (I’ll be sharing much more of my journey with these incredible women in future blogs!) Learning with these professionals built my confidence and increased my excitement. A new journey was on the horizon!
And now my hands are sweating, my tummy is queasy as I begin this new journey of sharing my art with you. Just like 40 years ago! The past 10 years I have studied and practiced and spent hours with my mentors. Now I believe I have found my own Pure Joy to share with you. I present my art to you! Please enjoy, comment and follow my blog as I share my journey with you.
And if the spirit moves you, purchase a piece of my art…and invite a part of my journey into your home!
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Photo courtesy of Becca Jellis Photography