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About Julie
I adore making art!!
My style is painterly, passionate and impressionistic. My goal is not to mimic the details of a subject but to capture the emotion through color, collage and images. My vibrant style is the outcome of trusting artistic choices to blend color, form and texture. Intuition is vital!
Each day I view as an adventure and a blessing! Being an artist never loses its appeal and continues to be such a fulfilling and exciting process. My focus has always been on emphasizing contrast and variety within the composition while vividly capturing the light and color of a subject.
I simply paint often and embrace mistakes. Mistakes in painting can often be cultivated into something beautiful in the end. Discipline and perseverance are key!
My goal is to evoke happiness from my audience!

Thank you for looking!!

 Wallflower Mini Bloomie Collection

  • Available at Agapanthus Ocala
    • 18 SW Broadway St. Ocala, Florida


  • Ocala Art Collective PoP Up Show- September 2018
  • Late Bloomer Solo Show – Gateway Bank Gallery, Ocala FL Oct. 13-Dec. 29, 2016 (2012)
  • Up coming Workshops (coming soon)